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I'm Mary Coffelt, and I'm seeking an entry level engineering position.

Mary Coffelt's Bio:

Mary Coffelt is senior Biomedical Engineering student pursuing a minor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona. She has completed relevant coursework focusing in Biomechanics and Biomaterials. She is passionate to apply these skills on a global scale and hopes her career leads to a cultured life.

She holds a strong background in research and engineering experience. This past summer she held a research internship at Barrow Neurological Institute where she was actively involved in cutting-edge research in visual neuroscience, specifically focused on human perception. She worked closely with Matlab and assisted with experiments that are presently preparing for scientific publication. She is currently working with an orthopedic surgeon to design and 3D print a minimally invasive dynamic hip screw in SolidWorks. 


In her free time, she is actively involved in several improvisational comedy troupes. Improv comedy is a way for her to exercise creativity and redefine teamwork on a day to day basis. It allows her to constantly think on her feet, react under pressure, and have fun.


Currently, Mary is preparing for her graduation in May 2015. She intently networking to obtain oppotunities for post-grad employment. She can be contacted at:

Mary Coffelt's Experience:

  • Laboratory Technician at The University of Arizona

    o Prepare chemical solutions, drugs, and Matlab programs for post-doctoral experiments regarding the retina

  • Research Intern at Barrow Neurological Institute

    o Assisted lab professionals in cutting edge research involving visual neuroscience with a focus in human perception and acknowledged for creating new and alternative ideas

  • Server/Hostess at Romano's Macaroni Grill

    o Successfully mastered the art of efficiency, promptness, and team work all while effectively meeting the needs and wants of each unique customer

  • Differential Equations Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at The University of Arizona

    o Organized study sessions and provided office hours to assist peers in further understanding of the course while working closely with the professor to innovate better preceptoring techniques

  • Mechanical Engineer at National Institutes of Health

    o Design a minimally invasive dynamic hip screw for intertrochanteric hip fractures in SolidWorks, experience hands on surgical techniques and equipment in cadaver lab, and present NIH funded research project to superiors at poster session

Mary Coffelt's Education:

  • University of Arizona

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
    Concentration: Biomechanical Engineering

Mary Coffelt's Interests & Activities:

traveling, improv comedy, cooking, hiking, film watching, reading, volleyball

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